About The Centers

In order to maintain close cooperation and relationship, it is important to ensure a constant and open communication with the partner, by organizing joint activities:

• Meetings with the participation of both partners, for monitoring the activities of the Centres;
• Exchange visits for sharing information and experiences organized during joint activities addressed to cross border business environment;
• Share of information on topics of common interest;
• Joint dissemination of informational materials addressed to business environment;
• Use of appropriate communication tools: phone, e-mail, etc.;
• Compliance to the time response of five working days from the request of the partner;
• Both partners will inform each other on any changes concerning the management and operation of the Centre.

Compliance with partnership principles

Cooperative relationship and mutual support:

• The Centres have shared goals and objectives that contribute to the achievement of all stakeholders;

• Mobilization and involvement of both partners in achieving the objectives of the Centres;

• In what concerns the services, focus on a multidisciplinary vision, requiring constant communication and data transfer among partners.

Relationship based on mutual respect:

• Grievances arising between partners will be expressed directly and immediately;

• Each partner has the right to have its opinion respected;

• In case of conflict, everyone has the right to express and support their views;

• Both partners will use appropriate and decent language.

Openess to the suggestions of partners, malleability, flexibility and conciliatory attitude:

• The partners will take into account own professional limits and will consider the views of others;

• The decisions related to the Center are taken by consensus;

• Both partners will strive to avoid conflicts in their work relationships;

• Both partners will foster team work spirit through good communication, exchange of experience and respect.

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