About The Centers

We strive to have good working relationships

The relationships with our customers must be conducted following the principles of partnership, the individual behavior being subordinate to the commitment to ethical conduct and success of the Centre. We respect the responsibilities assumed by contract, with an emphasis on delivering quality services. We ensure that all our customers have access to appropriate services, according to the identified needs.

In order to maintain a strong relationship with our customers, the following general rules of conduct will be applied:

a) for information services: there will be provided a correct and complete information, adapted to customer needs and issues, being carried out as soon as possible from applying.

b) for specialized assistance services: there will be carried out an analysis, following the customer needs and problems. There will be chosen the appropriate strategy and methods to solve the problems it faces with.

• Depending on customer needs, it will be highlighted additional or complementary services available through alternative contact information – partners or other departments of the host organization (signposting)

• Applying equal opportunities principle:

– The employee will not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, ethnicity, professional affiliation, sexual orientation;

– The employee will not use information obtained during counseling for personal use;

– The employee will not influence the client in the political, religious, sexual or otherwise;

– The employee will not influence the client in its decisions.

• resources is a major concern. Employees should remember this when using the resources of the Center and use them to maintain required limits.

• Data confidentiality:

– Do not disclose non-public information, other than those prescribed by law;

– Information on personal data will be disclosed only with the persons concerned;

– The employees are prohibited from disclosing information they have access to the line of duty, if such disclosure is likely to attract undue advantage or prejudice to the rights of the Center or image or coworkers, also natural or legal persons;

Other aspects:

– A reasonable time limit will be enforced for acknowledging receipt of messages. For all client correspondence the response to the request shall be within five working days. If it requires a longer period of time the client will communicate the necessary time. The employees shall always provide a response to the client, no matter what the outcome;

2. Relationship with the partners

To ensure visibility of Centre’s activity

To ensure an appropriate image of the Centres among business environment, both partners, Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture and Chamber of Commerce of dobrich, assumes through this Code of Conduct, their involvement to the same extent in the following activities:

• Promotion of the Economic Cooperation Centers by informational materials in Romanian, Bulgarian and English;
• Participation in joint events for cross border cooperation, addressed to business environment from Constanta and Dobrich;
• Mutual links on the partners websites, in order to build a bridge between the two centers;
• Representing the common interests of the Centers in their communication with its partners.

To maintain a constant and open communication

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