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General working principles

The principles detailed in this Code of Conduct are not exhaustive, rather associated with a sense of responsibility of employees. They establish the essential rules of conduct and ethics applicable to all staff of the Centre and its partners. They cover use of funds, services and Centre’s assets, as well as the relationships with providers, suppliers or customers. The principles governing the professional conduct of the Center Employees are as follows:

Behaving professionaly

• We deliver professional services in accordance with the policies and relevant technical and professional standards of Chamber of commerce and industry Dobrich and Constanta chamber of commerce, industry navigation and agriculture.

• We offer only those services we can deliver and strive to deliver no less than our commitments.

• We compete vigorously, engaging only in practices that are legal and ethical. We build long term relationships with customers, demonstrating our value and integrity.

• We meet our contractual obligations and report and charge honestly for our services.

• We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, our people and others with whom we do business. We comply with applicable laws, regulations and professional standards in order to maintain the appropriate degree of confidentiality and privacy.

Respecting diversity

• We treat our colleagues, clients and others with whom we do business with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy.

• We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and view it as a competitive advantage to be nurtured and expanded.

• We are committed to maintaining a work environment based on non-discrimination, equal treatment and transparency. By applying the participative management, the employees of the Centre are able to freely express their views and contribute directly to decisions taken by the Board.

• We invest in the ongoing enhancement of our skills and abilities.

• We observe the measures of health and security at work. We provide a safe working environment for our people

Relationship of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Center with its clients and partners

1. Relationship with the clients

We are responsive to the needs of our customers

Given that the Center’s activity is based on the common needs of entrepreneurs to internationalize their business, our success depends on consumer satisfaction and quality of the solutions offered. The Center’s objectives can be achieved by following a coherent, accurate and responsive communication system with the customers. We recognize the importance of anticipating needs and responsiveness to customer needs. We also believe that the views, concerns and questions addressed to the company’s customers about our services are important sources of information.

We respect the privacy of our customers

We respect and honor the right to privacy of our customers. Our policy is to collect, process, use and store personal information obtained from customers in strict compliance with applicable legal provisions, including those relating to the collection and use of information and take all possible measures to protect this information. It is our policy not to disclose personal information about customers to third parties without their prior agreement.

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