About The Centers

Mission of the Economic Cooperation Center BU.RO.COOP

To create an enabling environment for an integrated, alternative and innovative economic growth of Dobrich and Constanta areas, with direct access to extensive marketing instruments.

Specific objectives of the Centers BU.RO.COOP in Dobrich and Constanta

• Local economic development by fostering partnerships, trade and investments between Romanian and Bulgarian operators from Constanta-Dobrich area and international business partners;

• Diversification, development and strengthening marketing communications in the context of internalization, in order to develop a sustainable environment for mixed businesses (joint ventures);

• Facilitating access to information for SMEs of Dobrich-Constanta border area on business opportunities and markets for the internalization of SMEs and promotion of local products to export;

Working principles and values of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Center

Our values

• Customer focus

We use all resources to achieve a high standard of quality services for customer satisfaction and to gain their loyalty. We build long term partnerships with our customers, contributing to their success.

• Cooperation

We respect and actively encourage the contribution of each individual. Only through cooperation we can add value to the services offered.

• Integrity

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our identity.

• Innovation

We are creative and open to new ideas. We look for novelty in the field and give more attention to industry practices. Through innovation we are able to offer viable solutions for business internalization.

• Performance

We constantly looking for improvements in the way we lead the Centre in order to improve the way we fulfill our role and how we meet the needs of the entities involved. All the components of our activities are involved in this continuous research for excellence.


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