About The Centers

3. BU.RO.COOP Services

The services to be provided by the BU.RO.COOP Centers will be value-added
services, which will complete the profile services already provided by the
two project partners. BU.RO-COOP Centers will continue to apply effective
and friendly methods towards businesses and entrepreneurs.
For improvement of the methods and approach to the clients and cohesion in
the actions, the staff of the centers will facilitate exchange visits.

The staff will offer

• technical assistance activities to clients

• marketing services

• joint participation to fairs

• advertising, information and exchange of experiences

3.1. Technical assistance activities to clients

Info-Point services: integrated business information – economic, tourist and cultural, in order to achieve an alternative and innovative market; general assistance and consultancy services on business communication; training opportunities information, using the libraries of the hosting organisations.


3. 2 International marketing services:

The centers will assist the existing operators to review and restructure their companies and to adapt to the needs and demands of the international economic market

The centers will provide support to Bulgarian and Romanian entrepreneurs to go international by full range of possible solutions for adoption of modern and effective strategies, analysing and assessing companies’ strengths.

 The centers will create marketing assistance tools for companies and entrepreneurs by:

 – market studies on the two partners – the Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Dobrich: market position, expectations of member companies, strength competences, etc. ;

 – research survey regarding the economic potential of the Constanta county and the Dobrich region;

 – statistical studies regarding the macro-economic evolution of Romania and Bulgaria preparation of guides (Romanian/Bulgarian Exporters Handbook – RO/BG, EU market, USA, Russia and Asian countries) with statistical materials and marketing strategies how to go international

– guidelines regarding financial and legal regulations of trade operations in Romania – Bulgaria

 – Market profiles on different fields of activity ;

 – Comparative market survey on Romanian and Bulgarian foreign trade –

 3.3. Services to foster business partnerships/match-making at international level – Joined participation to fairs

– initiation, facilitation and development of direct contacts, conducting external business contacts: identifying partners, facilitating contacts,

– assistance in negotiations,

– consultancy on contractual terms during economic and business events/exhibitions, economic missions, B2B meetings

– selecting companies for participation in the fairs planned within the project

 – assisting companies in preparation of materials, promotional profiles, products and prototypes related with participation in fairs

 – ensuring visitors to each fair or b2b events by preparation of invitation announcements and letters to potential visitors.

Within the project the centers will be involved in organisation and management of joint participation to 4 fairs and during the 2 of them b2b matchmaking events:

in Bulgaria:

 Plovdiv Fair (in autumn 2011) and Sofia Fair (spring 2011)

Dobrich fair – with matchmaking event b2b (in autumn 2011)

in Romania:

Constanta fair – with matchmaking event (spring 2011)

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