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2. BU.RO.COOP service users and management

2. 1. Service users:

BU.RO.COOP Centers will target SME’s, or larger companies, individual experts and consultants, traders, business associations in the border region Dobrich-Constanta, interested in the internalization of business by developing cross-border partnerships.The target group is estimated at 50 SMEs in the first year of project implementation.

2. 2. Management and operation:

The management of both Centers will be provided by the managements of the two Chambers of Commerce and Industry, partners of the project, and at advisory level BU.RO.COOP Consortium will be involved, the association of project participants – enterprises and institutions, which will be created during the project. BU.RO.COOP Centers will have access to the resources of Constanta and Dobrich Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the clients who will request services outside BU.RO.COOP scope will be directed to the most appropriate suppliers, namely to other departments of project partners or other business support organizations.

Both centres will be operated by 3 persons from the two Chambers of Commerce 
and Industry, namely:

Head of the Economic Cooperation Center Constanta – Irina GAITANARU

Officer – Monica MOISE
Officer – Corina URMOSI

Head of the Economic Cooperation Center Dobrich – Tatyana GICHEVA

Officer – Veselina STOYANOVA
Officer – Veselina DZHENKOVA

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