About The Centers

We avoid the conflict of interests

The relationships with others should be based on mutual trust and devotion. It is our responsibility to treat them with respect and dignity. Private and personal interests should not affect relations or business decisions, which must rely solely on ethical considerations and business. A potential conflict of interest must be addressed openly. Such a communication will avoid any suspicion about a potential dishonesty or improper procedure.

Promoting a positive and accurate image of the Centres

The Centers promote open and fair competition. It is forbidden to obtain an advantage through manipulation, concealment and abuse of privileged information.

• Avoid public expression of appreciation inconsistent appreciation with the facts on the policies, strategies and activities undertaken at the Centre;

• Do not use the Centers’ image for commercial purposes;

• Do not use the Centers’ image and public power to obtain material benefits or other.

Relationship with the Consortium

The management of both Centers will be provided by the managements of the two Chambers of Commerce and Industry, partners of the project, and at advisory level BU.RO.COOP Consortium will be involved, the association of project participants – enterprises and institutions, which will be created during the project.

Partners of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Centres

Chamber of Commerce and Industry DOBRICH

• Tatyana GICHEVA Dimitrova – Head of the Economic Cooperation Center in Dobrich

• Veselina STOYANOVA – Employee

• Veselina DZHENKOVA – Employee

CONSTANŢA Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture

• Irina GĂITĂNARU – Head

• Monica MOISE – Employee

• Corina URMOŞI Employee

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