About The Centers

Relationship with the host organizations, namely CCI Dobrich/CCINA Constanta

CCI Dobrich and CCINA Constanta are the host organizations of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Centers respectively in Dobrich and Constanta.

The management of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Centers in Dobrich and Constanta are provided by the two Heads of the Centers, who were appointed by the project “Chambers of Commerce Bulgarian and Romanian for Cross Border Cooperation”.

The structure of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Centres and its changes is approved by the Board of Directors of CCI Dobrich/CCINA Constanta.

The Head of BU.RO.COOP Economic Cooperation Centre is accountable to the Board of Directors of CCI DOBRICH/CCINA Constanta, concerning the fulfillment of its tasks, responsibilities and competencies he is in charge with.

The activity of the Centre is supported by the work of three consultants with expertise in services for companies. They will work part-time. The extension of the structure will be realized whenever necessary, by the decision of the Managing Board of CCI DOBRICH/CCINA Constanta, upon proposal of the Head of the Centres.

It will be highlighted additional or complementary services available through alternative contact information (signposting) in other departments of the host organization. 

Relationship with other external organizations

We respect the confidential information of others

It is our policy not to violate, knowingly, the intellectual property rights of others. Also, the Centre’s policy is to respect trade secrets or other private information. We always respect the rights of competitors and partners and treat them in a proper way. The Centre runs contractual relations using fair and legal business practices.

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