2. Subjects

Unfolding course on three directions developed as follows: (1) theoretical part; (2) internship; (3) cross-border section. The main topics covered during the course are:

• Communication techniques and inter-relationships, team dynamics;
• Information and awareness on environmental issues and sustainable development;
• English language;
• Information systems;
• International cooperation and globalization;
• Three components of a complex crisis;
• Quality systems and certification;
• Carrier orientation;
• Coaching;
• Internship conducted under the guidance of a tutor from a company/institute;
• Cross-border section.

Action Hours
Theoretical part, conducted in training rooms and laboratories 600
Specialized internship 200
Cross-border section 400



3. Human resources involved

The course will be supported by the following group of people: lecturers and experts, collaborators and 4 tutors.

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