From an economic analysis of the interested area is pointed out that during the years there has been a keen need for specialized human resource with a global perspective, interdisciplinary and international and in-depth knowledge of techniques used in planning and socio-economic development, international marketing and production and brokerage products and services. Thus, by participating in this integrated course, students will gain the essential skills to understand the fundamentals of local and global development.

Outcome: 20 unemployed people trained as Experts in International and Intercultural Cooperation and Development, of which 10 people will find a suitable job.

1. Target group

The course aims to attract 20 people, of which 50% women. The profile of the participant is based on the following characteristics:

• person aged 18-40 years old;
• average level of English;
• person seeking a job;
• good knowledge in computer use;
• preference for people with higher education or qualifications;
• people interested in cooperation and international development subjects;

The selection of applications will be based on the above-mentioned criteria, using the following methods: evaluation of application forms, organizing tests and questionnaires, final interview.

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