The context of economic and business cross border cooperation between Dobrich and Constanta regions was stimulated by factors such as historic and family links, land border, no natural obstacles, common features such as Black Sea coast and similar economic activities: agri-food, furniture, textiles and clothware, tourism.

Thus, the Chamber of Commerce Dobrich, in partnership with Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture Constanta have in implementation Bu.Ro.Coop project –Bu.Ro.Coop – Chambers of Commerce Bulgarian and Romanian for Cross Border Cooperation,financed by European Union through Cross Border Cooperation Programme Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013 under Priority Axis No. 3, Kea Area of Intervention No. 1. The project adresses to business environment from border region Constanta-Dobrich. The general objectives of BU.RO.COOP project are:

1. Creating two economic cooperation centres with the Chamber of Commerce of Dobrich and Constanta, in order to supply services of information, assistance, advice and support for businesses intending to develop cross-border cooperation relations;

2. Supplying services for the internationalization of the small and medium-sized enterprises (marketing services and participation in fairs).

The Economic Cooperation Centre’s services are divided into two categories: (1) info-pointservices that will provide integrated business information for economic, tourist and cultural interest, and (2) support services in the internationalization of Romanian and Bulgarian companies on RO/BG markets, EU member states, USA, Russia and Asian country markets. These services will value the findings and market data of 20 studies related to the economic situation on Constanta-Dobrich cross-border area. The two economic cooperation centres will create a favourable environment for an integrated, alternative, innovative and economic growth of the areas of Dobrich and Constanta, while having access to in-depth marketing instruments and being operated by three persons each.

By project completion in November 2011, 50 Romanian and Bulgarian companies will benefit directly from the project’s activities through joint participation to fairs and business meetings and also by supporting the creation of a joint Romanian-Bulgarian cross border business association. Also, 20 unemployed young people and women will be trained as experts in international and intercultural cooperation for development in an intensive training course which will include 1,200 hours of theory and practical internships.

The expected results after finalizing the project, are the following:

1. 2 economic cooperation centers, fully equipped, which will provide information, consultancy and specialized assitance in SMEs internalization from Dobrich and Constanta on RO, BG, EU, USA, Russia and Asian countries markets.

2. 1 professional training course addressed to 20 persons, young people and women, for training as experts in international and intercultural cooperation for development

3. 1 association of Romanian and Bulgarian businessmen for developing cross-border cooperation relations in business environment

4. 50 SMEs benefiting of BU.RO.COOP services

5. 4 fairs with the participation of 20 businessmen each, both Romanian and Bulgarian, in order to close business partnerships: 3 on Bulgarian territory (Plovdiv, Sofia and Dobrich) and 1 in Constanta

6. 15 market studies and statistics on Constanta-Dobrich border area, Bulgaria and Romania, guides for Romanian and Bulgarian exporters in various countries, financial and legislative guidelines

7. To ensure project visibility through promotional materials disseminated to the general public

Total value
of the project
Requested amount % of total eligible
cost of the project
815.253,03 EUR

797.480,51 EUR


The project will be developed in Constanta and Dobrich regions, during the period of 20.05.2010 – 20.11.2011, and the total budget allocated for reaching its objectives and results is of € 815.253,03.

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